How do you know if you have enough stock to cover the spring selling season?

Seasonal Stock 101

Well what is required is that you need to know how much stock you have now. This isn’t just the stock in your warehouse now.  It’s a combination of the stock you have in the warehouse, the stock you have on Purchase Orders and the amount of stock on customer forward orders.  Now once you know this figure for each item of stock that you have, we will call that figure “x”.  You then need to know the amount of stock that you sold last year in the spring demand period. That is to say in October – December this year you sold “y” of stock.  So take “x – y” and the result is the amount of stock that you have available to sell.

The Takeaway

Seasonal Stock 101. This will either be a (-ve) too little, a (+ve) too much or “0”.  If it’s a negative value you need to look at getting some more stock, if it’s a zero give yourself a pat on the back, you probably got it right.  If you have a (+ve) that’s where your cash is – get your sales team onto selling thru that stock, and you will have enough money to take a Christmas Holiday.

To find out this information using Jiwa you will need the JIWA BI tool. You can calculate the figure using your existing data in JIWA.

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